Lindsay Minton is a Knoxville, TN native who completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Tennessee before moving to Pasadena, California to study Marriage and Family Therapy. Lindsay earned her Master of Science in Marital and Family Therapy at Fuller Theological Seminary. Lindsay loves baking pies, cheering on the Vols, and going on adventures with her husband, son, and pug. 

Lindsay is a certified Restoration Therapist, which guides her approach in working with clients of all ages and issues. Restoration Therapy is all about helping people escape the cycle of conflict that can easily turn them into their worst selves when painful feelings arise. Restoration therapists will help you map your pain cycle and map a way out, so you can regulate those difficult emotions and stay on track. In working with Lindsay, you can expect to identify longstanding patterns of interaction that may hinder current relationships and begin to reshape those patterns into a more healthy and whole self.

In addition to her work in therapy, Lindsay is also trained as a MarriageStrong facilitator and Family Wellness educator and enjoys leading and teaching groups.



Eric Minton is a native of Knoxville, TN, and completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Tennessee. Upon graduating from UTK, Eric moved to Pasadena, CA to study theology at Fuller Theological Seminary, earning a Masters of Divinity, and has worked in churches in both Southern California and East Tennessee. After several years of pastoral work, Eric returned to graduate school to pursue more training in psychotherapy, earning a Masters of Science in Counseling from Carson Newman University. Eric is currently a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern pursuing licensure in Tennessee under the supervision of Tim Sutherland. 

Eric is a Level-1 Restoration Therapist, and uses this perspective in his work with clients of all ages (particularly adolescents and emerging adults). In addition to Restoration Therapy, Eric is passionate about integrating components of narrative therapy and spirituality to better serve client populations of any background and experience if this integration is beneficial to a client’s well-being.  Eric also provides individual coaching to pastors, non-profit leaders, businesspeople, as well as whole institutions using a family systems driven approach to creativity, decision making, and emotional regulation.

In his free time, Eric loves being a dad and husband, snow-skiing, hiking, reading, modern design, Bob Dylan, writing, and Tennessee basketball.