How much does therapy cost?

Therapy is an investment of time and money. When seeking any therapy services, it is important to make sure you feel comfortable with your therapist. A good fit is a key indicator for success, and can give you confidence that your investment will be worthwhile.  Therapy with Lindsay is $100 per 45-50 minute sessions. While Eric is working toward licensure, sessions with him are $70 for each 45-50 minute meeting. A limited number of spots are reserved at a reduced fee for those unable to pay the full rate. 

Do you take insurance?

Short answer: Yes for Lindsay, No for Eric.  
Long answer: Mental illness is a medical issue with complex origins. Medical insurance is a great benefit for medical problems. Medical insurance cannot cover marital dissatisfaction, difficulty parenting, and many other issues bringing people to therapy. Using medical insurance requires a therapist to diagnose a client with a mental illness, and brings limits to privacy and flexibility with care. Lindsay currently bills insurance companies as an out of network provider on your behalf. For more information on using out of network insurance benefits, contact Lindsay or your insurance provider.

What is Marriage and Family Therapy?

Marriage and Family Therapists are state-licensed mental health providers with a particular bias toward treating the whole person in context. An MFT considers the impact of family of origin and other past and current relationships when doing the work of therapy. MFTs have specific training in couples therapy and in working with the whole family to address problems. We seek to restore relationships, rather than simply treating individual pathologies.

What can I expect at our first session?

You can expect to visit with a therapist for about 50 minutes. The therapist will explain the risks and benefits of therapy and practice guidelines. You will provide some initial information and talk about the problems that are bringing you to therapy. The first session is a chance to introduce yourself and learn a little about the therapist’s style. It can take a few sessions to make a decision about the fit between yourself and the therapist. You are under no obligation to continue or schedule future meetings. The therapist can provide you with other referrals if you decide it isn’t a good fit. 

Do you have a couch?

Yes, and also a chair. You are welcome to lay down, but most people enjoy sitting.