When you hear "Marriage and Family Therapy," you may be thinking, “I’m not married!” or “I don’t want to drag my whole family in here.” Marriage and Family Therapists have special training to work with couples and families, but the biggest difference in our training is how we treat the problems we see no matter how many people come into the room. Your whole family is present in their influence on your life, even when you come alone. MFTs pay attention to all the people involved in a relationship or problem and can work with any combination of people who are interested in treatment. 


All couples are welcome in this practice. 

Marriages should be satisfying and not just survivable. Couples of all levels of distress can benefit from therapy, whether they’re experiencing minor issues or years of entrenched conflict.

Premarital counseling is offered to help engaged couples become comfortable in the therapy setting and start their marriage with a few tools that will set them on the path to marital satisfaction.

Pregnancy + Postpartum Care:

Lindsay has completed the Postpartum Support International Certificate Training in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders. She is interested in helping you and your family navigate this transition. 

Individuals + Families:

Lindsay and Eric work with combinations of adult individuals, families, and adolescents. When working with adolescents, they expect and welcome the participation of the parents as well. The level of participation on the part of parents varies with the age and needs of the adolescent. 

Groups + Seminars:

There are no current active therapy groups at Minton Family Therapy, but Lindsay has experience in anger management, domestic violence victim’s support, family wellness and parenting, and MarriageStrong groups. Eric has experience working with adolescents and emerging adults (18-25) around issues of divorce, spirituality, anxiety, and identity formation, as well as MarriageStrong groups. Any of our groups can be facilitated at your local church, PTA meetings, or with other community organizations. 

MarriageStrong is a psychoeducational group designed to support couples who lead and serve others in a Christian context. You can read more about it at

We enjoy translating the work of therapy into informative and interactive seminars and small groups. Topics available cover many aspects of marriage, parenting, spirituality, human development, and relationships. Contact us for more information or recommendations from past participants.